Step 1: Gather Supplies

We require that all Dear Grown-Ups of Earth letters be handwritten (in the child’s handwriting) and that the entire letter fits onto a single page. This means every participating child will need a single sheet of paper (lined paper works best for neatness’ sake) and a pen (we find that it prints better than pencil).

Step 2: Get Kids Writing!

You don’t need to give detailed instructions on what kids should write in their letters. Just tell your class to write a unique advice letter to grown-ups. It can be advice about anything, from how to live a meaningful life to how to be silly on Saturday mornings. There are no rules, but we will say that the letters we like best are the ones that take us by surprise. :)

Step 3: Share The Brilliance (and the completed waivers)!

Since we plan on publishing children’s letters, we need waivers from their parents allowing us to do so (and without any expectation of monetary reimbursement). Click here to download a PDF file of Dear Grown-Ups of Earth’s release waiver.

Once completed, e-mail letters and waivers to